An investigation about today’s Brazilian contemporary art. The artists open the doors of their studios for a frank and relaxed conversation around their work, life histories and the pleasures and pitfalls of life as an artist. The conversation here is free: visitors are respected curators or other artists, the visits will be intercut by dynamic dialogues and comments of younger artists . The production and the script will be consulting by Brazilian curator Kiki Mazzuchelli.

Kiki Mazzucchelli, an independent curator and art critic, is currently researching her doctorate at TrAIN, University of the Arts, London. In 2009 she was resident curator at the Fundation Gilberto Alzate Avendaño, Bogotá. She has lectured at the Henry Moore Foundation, Leeds; the Royal College of Art, London; and the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, and has written for Artcontexto, Cadernos do Videobrasil, Flash Art and other publications.


Uma investigação descontraída da arte contemporânea brasileira atual. Os artistas abrem as portas de seus ateliês para uma conversa franca e divertida sobre suas obras, histórias de vida e os prazeres e percalços da vida de artista. A conversa aqui é livre: os visitantes são curadores ou outros artistas respeitados. A produção e o roteiro terão a consultoria da curadora Kiki Mazzucchelli, brasileira que lecionou na Henry Moore Fundation e no Royal College of Art, entre outros.




Project: Work in Progress
Production Co: NOIS Limited/ Outros Filmes
Country: UK/ BRAZIL
Producer: Alex Carvalho
Co-Producer: Otávio Cury
Script/ Curation: Kiki Mazzucchelli
Platform: Transmedia (TV/ DVD)
Genre: Documentary/ Education
Target audience: Men/ Women 16-59 (ABC)
Format: 12 episodes x 24’ tv series (HD 1080p)
Budget: US$25.000 per episode

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