MAN WOLF MACHINE [tv/ web series]


This animated children’s television show is based in an isolated, super automated laboratory. It is centred around three main characters: a mischievous teenage WOLF; his obsessive, workaholic father the PROFESSOR; and a half wit butler the ROBOT.

In each episode the Wolf hatches a plot to sabotage the experiments carried out by the Professor, who remains oblivious and thus never notices what his son is up to. The schemes systematically backfire and the Wolf is often seriously injured, whilst the Professor is none the wiser. It’s fast, funny and you never know where it‘s going to lead next. It’s a little like ‘Tom and Jerry’ mixed with ‘Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner’ and perhaps a dash of ‘Lambert the Sheepish Lion’ thrown in.


‘Wolves and Professors. Genetic engineering. Wild Romances. Ghastly plots and underhanded schemes.’

MAN WOLF MACHINE is a simple three character show. It’s fast, funny and you never know where it‘s going to lead next. It’s a little like ‘Tom and Jerry’ mixed with ‘Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner’, and perhaps a dash of ‘Lambert the Sheepish Lion’ thrown in. The show centres around a very strange father – son relationship, where an adolescent half man – half wolf is trying to disrupt his father’s(the Professor) research. Why? Because the Professor’s attempts to beautify his wolf-mother went disastrously wrong – and anyway he’s a teenager, he hates his dad on principle.

These characters within the show have been with the director (Andrew Gibbs) since childhood. The trio bestows it with a significant degree of stability and predictability – necessary for an audience to be forged – and yet provides ample leeway for the experimentation of a range of narrative techniques and numerous subject matters, such as: tradition versus novelty; father-son relationship; fitting in; teen angst; tolerance; family issues; acceptance; science and technology and so forth.

How is this show different? How is this show the same?! Seriously though, this show combines the real life dramas of marital disharmony, death, separation, the loss of a parent, the pining for a father’s affection with the amazing world of science fiction, natural exploration and robotics.. and it’s funny, really funny.

This is about family and the way that various family members relate to one another, the complex relationships that exist between husbands and wives, parents and children. This is in many ways a show about a divorced couple and a father and son who are unable to get along. The comedy comes from the conflict between father and son, as well as they hyperbolic action each character takes.


The primary platform is the TV show, like some other series this will also use web, mobile apps, multiplayer games and toys as secondary platforms. An animated series that is internationally sale-able. The key to the rapid financing of this series would be the distribution’s Guaranteed Minimum. Our development strategy will be articulated around two poles of activities: the first is the production of a short pilot episode; the second activity is an extensive research for the existent market and the sale opportunities.

America, Brazil, France, and the United Kingdom are the key territories that we need to cover in the first distribution. We feel that if the show is tailored to be successful in these countries, it will travel to the rest of Europe and worldwide – that is our goal. We’re aiming to find an American studio or a established European co-producer as they could ensure the show reaches a broader audience.


The episodes will be stand alone units, ideally 22 minutes long, that could be viewed in any order. However as the series moves along, new characters will be added, and new plot lines that develop the relationships between the characters will play out. An example of this would be how the Wolves mother began as a wild free roaming wolf and ends up a home maker in science lab. These elaborate back stories develop the characters and help form strong bonds between the characters and the audience.

The series will begin in ‘present day’. The situation is as follows:
The Professor, a once discovery, progress, science exploration obsessed workaholic is now suffering terrible guilt after killing his wolfish lover in a tragic laboratory accident.

His son a wolf, who walks upright with all the malice and aggression of a teenager is deeply angry with his father. The reasons for this are two fold: one: his father has never paid him much attention, the professors work has always come first. And two: The professor killed his mother.

To be clear the Wolf’s mother is not dead, dead, but rather frozen in suspended animation until the professor can cure her, at least that is his plan. Instead of trying to help his father ‘bring his mother back to life’ The wolf is determined to kill him! So this is played out in the Professor setting up an elaborate ‘cure her!’ experiment and the Wolf attempts to disrupt it and kill him, unfortunately for the wolf this always backfires and he is often seriously hurt or maimed, but it’s a cartoon – so he’s fine the following week.


This present day set up is a lot like the ‘Wile E Coyote and the Road Runner’, or ‘Tom and Jerry’. Each week one is trying to kill the other. It’s very slapstick and very funny with only the smallest hint of gore, like ‘Itchy and Scatchy’ of the ‘Simpsons’.

Aside from these types of episodes there will also be the more traditional ‘story’ episodes, I say story here as it is in these episodes that characters will be developed and the show will go ‘back in time’ so we can see how things got this way. It is during this time that character’s backstories will be explored. Relationship will be developed and and more and more of the ‘history’ of the show/characters and relationships will be brought out.



Um laboratório muito maluco é o centro dessa série de animação infantil, que conta as aventuras de um lobo adolescente cheio de malícia, seu pai, um professor workaholic, e um robô sabichão.

Seguindo a estrutura de humor das séries Tom & Jerry, ou do Papa-Léguas, aqui o lobo está sempre tentando sabotar os experimentos de seu pai, que invariavelmente acabam em explosões e ferimentos dos quais ele sempre se recupera. O centro da trama é uma estranha relação pai-filho, com o filho, meio lobo, meio adolescente, tentando atrapalhar a pesquisa de seu pai. Por que? Porque, como os humanos, os lobos adolescentes odeiam seus pais.



Production Co: NOIS Limited/ Outros Filmes
Country: UK/ BRAZIL
Producer: Alex Carvalho/ Otávio Cury
Director: Andrew Gibbs
Genre: Animated series
Target audience: Men/ Women 9-15 (ABCD)
Format: 1 Pilot 06’ + 12 episodes x 14’ tv series (HD 1080p)

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