DOZE (12) [transmedia]


Twelve bands. Twelve hours distilled.

In the unfolding of the episode, a band’s routine is interwoven with the life of the people they meet and the facts and curiosities of the places they move through. The series gets close to the daily life of emerging young musicians based in the UK. It portrays, with intimacy, their environment, stories, relationships and influences that make up the universe of each member of the band.

The viewer will have unprecedented access to the work and leisure time leading up to a live performance in some of the most authentic venues in Britain. The Brazilian audience will choose which group deserves a gig in São Paulo/ Rio de Janeiro.

“Twelve hours in the life of a group on the rise.” (The battle of the bands meets the tropics!)

Most young people dream of being a rich and famous popstar and casting shows pretend it is so easy to become one. But how does life really look like if you are still on the way to make it. Doze will let Brazilians participate in the rise of an emerging international pop band! How? We’ll introduce a wide variety of up and coming British bands to the Brazilian audience through web based music channels such as Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud (for example: and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+). These viewers will choose 12 bands to be featured in the show.


The social networks and web music channels have pivotal importance during the project development. These channels will help to set the vibe for the series, create the buzz and help the audience to choose the bands who will take part in the show. At the end of the series, the selected 12 tracks will become a CD/ Vinyl compilation launched by a major Brazilian label. The group who generates the most buzz will play live in a super gig on Brazilian soil.

Web music channels and a TV Show are the main distribution platforms, secondarily the series will use social networks, mobile apps and a major live event to engage with the target audience.

Website is the heart of DOZE’s activity, no passing traffic. Everyone here has made the decision to enter these bands world, so let’s be completely obsessive, completely committed and go hell for leather with your discussions about the show. It’s FUN, PASSIONATE, FRESH… Facebook will try and lure the audience in and push them to the website for more. We’ll use Twitter to get excited, banter with the audience, break news and tweet along with episodes, pushing fans to deeper content on other platforms where relevant. We’ll be hosting videos on YouTube, this means they can be embedded into Facebook, making fans much more likely to play them in their news feeds. There’s also a higher ‘stumble across’ factor and they’re more easily shared…


We’ll carefully cast a young talented Brazilian musician or maybe a band to become the moderator and presenter of Doze. The presenter will be a vibrant, smart and sympathetic character who is able to interact fluently with the british groups and dialog vigorously with the brazilian audience.

Through a careful study of demography the series will explore British culture and above all how young people communicate. With creativity, individuality, fashion, visual culture, interests, influences and music, loads of great music! Simultaneously to the main narrative, elements of interest are brought to light through the insertion of text and image which help reveal the cultural complexity of environments.Each program will also present a visual clip exclusively commissioned by the show where a young brazilian independent visual artist will collaborate to produce a unique visual interpretation of their music. The constant subjectivity of the camera humanises and includes itself in the group, leaving the position of observer and adopting the point of view of a protagonist.


Doze bandas. Doze horas comprimidas.

A série transmídia convida o público brasileiro a participar do desabrochar de uma banda pop. Cada episódio apresentará a história de uma banda desconhecida; que ainda ensaia na garagem e se apresenta nas festas da escola ou da universidade.

A rotina dos integrantes das bandas se mistura com os fatos e curiosidades que eles encontram pelo caminho. A música revela um retrato íntimo de uma geração – os relacionamentos, as famílias, os conflitos e sonhos de cada um.

Através de uma plataforma cruzada com mídias sociais e no YouTube, os espectadores irão escolher sua banda preferida. E ela tocará num show exclusivo com transmissão ao vivo.





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onedotzero is an international moving image and digital arts organisation which showcases and promotes innovation across all aspects of moving image, digital and interactive arts. Founded in 1996, Onedotzero is known for representing a diverse array of artistic endeavour via the annual “adventures in motion festival” and associated touring. It has a cross media and collaborative approach attuned to technological advances and fast paced change within digital arts and the contemporary cultural landscape.



Project: DOZE
Production Co: NOIS Limited/ Outros Filmes
Country: UK/ BRAZIL
Producer: Alex Carvalho, Xandi Canônico
Co-Producer: Otávio Cury
Platform: Transmedia (TV/ WEB/ APPS/ ETC)
Genre: Factual Drama (Music documentary)
Target audience: Men/ Women 16-34 (ABC)
Format: Transmedia
01 Pilot 12’
06 episodes x 24’ tv series (HD 1080p)
12 episodes x 12’ web series
01 Major Gig (event in SP/RJ)

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